About Us

Welcome to Bird Fitness!

Hey we’re Jamie & Lucy Bird, we started Bird Fitness in 2017. Our passion is to help you become injury free, pain free and be able to move through your life with a body that can keep up, whatever stage you’re at.

We want to help you perform at your best whether that’s for sports, during pregnancy or chasing your kids or grandkids around the garden, we think everyone should have a great base level of functional fitness and mobility.

Our aim is to make all of this simple for you, taking the guesswork out and making a bespoke personal plan that will work for you.

Meet The Team

We are Personal Trainers based in Maidstone, Kent, with huge passions for health and fitness. We are specialists in our own fields and share the same ethos with our training.

Personal Trainer. Specalist sports performance (2).Maidstone


Specialist in Sports Performance & Injury Recovery

Hey I’m Jamie, I am the other half of Bird Fitness along with my wife. I’m a personal trainer that specialises in injury recovery & sport performance. I have naturally progressed into these specialisms after having a number of clients excel at their chosen sport while training with me and clients who have fully recovered from injuries that have held them back. I love helping people reach their full potential, correcting their bodies imbalances and making fitness enjoyable.

I’m passionate about fitness as being a dad that’s into my sports I want to be at peak performance everyday & free from injury and pain to play with my son.

I think it’s such a valuable part of life for athletes, parents & grandparents alike to be fitter, healthier & injury free, to be able to perform at their personal peak. Whether that’s as an athlete or playing with your kid & grandkids.

Personal Trainer. Specalist pre post natal. Maidstone.


Specialist in Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Hey I’m Lucy from Bird Fitness, I’m a personal trainer that specialises in pre & post-natal fitness. Being a new mum myself I can relate to your experiences having been on this unique journey myself.

I feel its super important to look after your body throughout pregnancy to help put you in the best physical place for birth & 4th trimester. Then have support to help heal, recover and strengthen your body post natal, improving your fitness and body confidence.

Your body does an amazing job growing and evolving as you become a mum and you can 100% continue this after your little one is here to achieve your goals.

I’m currently on maternity leave and will be back in the autumn.