Personal Training Testimonials

Our clients come to us with a wide range of fitness levels, motivations and backgrounds, all with their own unique goals. They all finish their training with us extremely happy having far exceeded their goals and with a body that can keep up with the life they want to live

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Injury recovery & sports performance for golf

I was very lucky to meet Jamie just 3 months before I was due to play in the 2019 Pro-Am Tour at Pebble Beach in California, which was 2 weeks before the actual US Open at Pebble Beach! Jack Nicklaus said probably his most favourite golf course in the world!

In the 3 months after I first met Jamie he quickly worked out the key areas I needed to improve to help me play better golf and help me in life in general. Jamie and I started my personalised  programme immediately as I realised there was no time to lose and I must say my performance started improving almost from day 1!

 This challenge was complicated by a serious Caterham 7 motor racing I had many years ago which resulted in me not being able to walk for 3 months and off work for 11 months and still then some muscle groups were not properly in balance.

We focused on my core strength, stability and increasing my power.

In May at Pebble Beach in the Pro-Am Tour my 4 ball team came 2nd out of 16 teams from all over the world and in the Individual Pebble Beach Golf  Challenge I came an amazing 2nd out of 48 amateurs! 

I definitely played my best golf ever and Jamie’s training and expert instruction made it all possible.

Thank you again for all your expert help and guidance. My golf has now moved up to a new level. Last Saturday at Kings Hill Golf Club we won our pairs knock-out round and I played my best round at Kings Hill this year!

Personal training. sports performance for rugby.


Sports performance for rugby

A lot of my time in the gym was spent doing generic weight workouts that didn’t really bring much progression. I started personal training with Jamie and he altered my workouts for the better!

My fitness levels have rocketed and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in! Jamie is easy to get on with, an excellent motivator and manages to find ways to make you push yourself that little bit further!

I highly recommend training with Jamie, it’s the best choice I’ve made!

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Weight Loss

I have been training with Jamie for a year, having 1 to 1 personal training sessions weekly. I started with the aim of losing weight that I had put on at university and generally tone up.

My sporting and exercise background was limited but Jamie built up my confidence, took me out of my comfort zone and together we worked on my skill set and nutrition. My physical fitness, ability, mental health and motivation have gone from strength to strength.

I have also lost 8kgs and dropped two dress sizes. The process has genuinely been enjoyable. There is a real sense of community at Bird Fitness, I’ve become friends with other clients and we motivate and support each other on our individual journeys. Without the weekly sessions, support and guidance this never would have been possible. I cannot recommend them enough.


Injury recovery & sports performance for running

Partly through injury, my workout routine had become restricted. Training with Jamie enabled me to overcome my previous limitations and successfully expand my range of exercise.

Jamie is a supportive and inspiring personal trainer, for whose skillful guidance I am extremely grateful.


Weight loss & injury recovery

I started training with Jamie last year, I was 49 rapidly approaching 50. Worried I was past it and wanting to get into shape. Jamie has carefully pushed me on a little at a time. Enabling me to progress while settling my worries about picking up an injury that would set me back. My fitness has soared and I have lost 22 lbs & 5 inches off my waist – and had to get a whole new wardrobe!

Now as well as feeling more agile & switched on, I’m also sleeping far better. The best bit though is that people around me are noticing. I’m getting great compliments that spur me on. Thanks is insufficient, but thank you Jamie.